New website, new blog, by Phil the Sailor

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Manguier’s adventures on the seven seas! More than 35’000 miles travelled (about 65’000 kilometres) and an extraordinary six-year epic voyage in the Arctic Ocean from Corsica to Alaska through Siberia, to the northernmost waterways of Canada, and to the coasts of Greenland, Labrador and Gaspesia. But this amazing journey is far from over! In 2016, the Manguier will once again sail to the Far North and we hope to see you on board!

The Manguier is currently dry docked in Rivière-au-Renard, Gaspesia, for  important repair work scheduled to start in April 2016.

Just as the hull of the Manguier needs a new look, so do our website and blog!

So we are more than proud to announce that we’ve created a new website for the Manguier. Check it out on:

All the information on the Manguier, its history, its projects and dreams and, of course, live feed, can now be found on this website.

The look of the website is cool and spare and its template adjusts automatically to tablets and smartphones.

You will find all the articles, comments and pictures posted in the Manguier’s blog since 2007, as well as a presentation of all its past and future expeditions, pages devoted to the life of this amazing tug-boat, and to the Mangonautes who helped in the Manguier’s renovation and who took part in its expeditions.

You will also find the broad sailing programme for Summer 2016 and the wintering project in Greenland in 2016/17.

Happy surfing on the web till we sail together on the high seas!

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