The Frozen Ship

In February, March, and April 2017, 11 artists will be aboard Le Manguier, stuck in the ice, protected from harsh south winds in a small bay, 5 km from the port of Aasiaat, on the west Greenland coast.

The dream is taking shape. The artists with their plane tickets, parkas, duvets, and boots are ready to face -40°C and icicles in their cabins …

There are a few details, like bills to be paid and a budget to finalize. After all, artists do not live on inspiration alone. They also need to keep warm and be fed!

For this project to become real, we need your help. Why not be part of this adventure ?

Click on the image to access the page presenting the project, its objectives, the artists’ profiles, budget details as well as the thank-you gifts you will receive for your donation.

Any amount, even the smallest, will be most appreciated. It means a lot to us to know we are not alone. Out there. On the Arctic ice.